cuddlingwithcalumhood asked:

Can it be about like me hanging out with the boys and just having a lazy day, but like a fun day?

hairdyekitten answered:

First you woke up to the boys cuddling you and snoring loudly, causing you to roll your eyes before shoving them off your bed. They dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes and groaned.
“What the hell Y/N!” Ashton said getting up and rubbing his slightly bruised head.
“YALL were taking up too much space!” You replied before getting out of bed and walking to the kitchen to make breakfast for yourself and the boys. You were dishing out your first batch of pancakes when the boys came out of your room.
“Yay pancakes, I’m going to need about 600 because I’m really hungry!” Cal confessed as he took a seat at your bar. You smiled at him before putting plates in front of all of the boys. After breakfast you guys went to a nearby park and played on the playground for a few hours. Ashton and Luke got stuck in the slide, in which you appropriately said “would the two huge assholes please get out of the slide?”
“The two huge assholes are stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck!” Luke yelled as you all laughed. It took Mikey, Calum, and you, thirty minutes to unstick Lashton and another thirty to stop laughing. After the park fiasco you all decided to go back to your apartment and play some board games. First it was life, which was put a way half way through because Mikey had all the peices and Calum didn’t want to play if he couldn’t have kids. Later monopoly was taken out and 5 seconds of summer nearly broke up. All in all it was very laid back and humor filled day to say the least.
I hope you like it sorry it took so long!


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hemmoful answered:

wow okay this is fourth date shit right here where ashton actually invites you to his place for dinner and a movie and all that cheesy romantic shit but it’d be super fun and cute and sweet oKAY BUT by the time you agreed on your second movie of the night, you’d be already way sleepy but you’d be enjoying yourself so much that you’d force yourself to stay at least for another little while, but HAH not even a quarter of the way through the movie your eyelids would feel heavy and you’d just be so damn comfy under ashton’s arm, with the blanket pulled up to your chest, and you wouldn’t be able to resist anymore and you’d close your eyes. it wouldn’t take ashton long to notice either because he’d just be so mesmerized by you to not look at you all the damn time and when he’d glance down to see you sleeping soundly against him, he’d smile immediately bite his lip and give you a little squeeze but he’d let you be until the end of the movie because you’d look so adorable like that and finally when the credits were rolling he’d give you a little shake and whisper your name until you’d slowly wake up with a yawn and a rub at your eyes and you’d just kind of smirk and pout and apologize for falling asleep on your date and he’d laugh a bit and wipe a bit of smudged mascara away from under your eye and tell you how damn cute you are when you’re sleeping and you’d blush a bit and he’d plant a chaste lil kiss on your lips oH MY GOD ASHTON